Roots of Mine fundraises with “Anna” single

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Roots of Mine fundraises with “Anna” single

“Nothing is more heartwrenching than watching your loved ones struggle, especially when it comes to health. Roots of Mine, a reggae-rock band out of Los Angeles, dedicates their latest single “Anna” to those battling cancer and debilitating diseases, with 100% of the profits going to cancer charities! The song, despite delivering hope to those afflicted with cancer, is more personally-inspired than you think. Lead singer and guitarist John Landry’s youngest cousin, Anna, was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and has to undergo chemotherapy as part of her treament schedule. Poor little Anna… instead of playing with friends and focusing on school, Anna is now strapped with the fight of her life and Landry will stop at nothing to do his part.”

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New Single ANNA out now!

Roots of Mine - Anna Single

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“ANNA” Roots of Mine newest single is available now 🔥🔥🔥!

Released December 22nd, you can get a copy on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and all streaming services.

“Cancer touches everyone. If it hasn’t affected you personally, it has most likely affected those around you. I recently discovered my youngest cousin was diagnosed with Leukemia and has to undergo chemotherapy instead of joining her classmates in the new school year. This amazing, smart and fun little girl is about to have the fight of her life and I feel helpless. So I set out to give her something that could last forever and continue to do good for people just like her, battling for a healthy life.

“Anna” was recorded at 17th Street Recording Studios, Tracked and Produced by Lewis Richards and Nick Sabia, with Adrian Olmos on Saxophone (Burritos/Iration), guest drums/percussion by Ian Foreman (Josh Heinrichs/Fluid Foundation), and guest vocals by Nick Sabia as well. A huge thanks from the bottom of my heart to the whole team and to my brothers in Roots of Mine for helping me see this vision through. I also want to express gratitude to our very own Mike Giles for an absolute killer job on the artwork.

If you wish to do more for these causes or donate directly to the charities, please direct message me for the details. With music, we hope we can bring some support and funding to an issue that is so universal.

This song is dedicated to my cousin Anna, to our friends and family who are survivors, and to the countless lives cut short.” – John Landry

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