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Roots of Mine Live Stream from 17th Street Recording Studios

Roots of Mine Live Stream from 17th Street Hey everyone! We teamed up with our friend Lew Dog and 17th Street Recording studio to bring you a full band live stream! We really missed playing live shows for...

Bradley’s House Benefit Show 2019, feat. Burritos the Band

Some photos from the awesome charity event for the Nowell Foundation.

Roots of Mine performing live at Golden Sails Club in Long Beach

New Music Video Debut Anna celebrate the debut of our new music video for our latest single "Anna"! ...

Yes I Can presents Controlled Chaos Event 2018, Socal reggae, Roots of Mine

Controlled Chaos thank you!

We had an amazing time playing at Controlled Chaos, shooting up zombies and seeing some amazing artwork from some of the most talented artists in LA! More Photos...

Smoke and Fire @ Controlled Chaos

Some amazing 360 video footage from the pop up event Controlled Chaos!

Happy Birthday Lash!

Happy birthday to our percussion player @lashBZ!!